Priyanka Chopra's Latest Wardrobe Malfunction

- 3:04 AM
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Priyanka Chopra who is well-known for her sense of style and elegant dresses, never falls into situations like this. However at the Guess party, the sassy actress was seen shaking a leg with a friend, showed-off her side boobs as seen in the image captured by the shutterbugs. 
Dancing with a friend and enjoying herself, we got to see a peek of her glitzy bra! This wardrobe malfunction of Priyanka at the Guess party has now left her fans wondering if she was in a sober state that night?
As you can see, the navy blue body con dress which Priyanka Chopra wore to this party in London had a deep boat cut back line, daring enough to make eyes pop. The back-cut line of the dress which the actress wore to the Guess party was so deep that the cut-line ran right through the sleeves showing-off her boobies. At the back of her neck was a silver studded button which held the dress together.
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