10 Things You Didn'T Know About Sunny Leone

- 12:07 AM
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Sunny Leone may be one of the most keenly followed celebrities in India but there are certain things even the most ardent of her fans may not know about her.

On husband Daniel Webber

My husband owns a steel factory in Brooklyn,
New York. He manages my career too and owns
a production company in Los Angeles.
He is also a singer and a part of a band called The
Disparrows. Sometime in the future, he intends to
make a Bollywood film album.
A stitch in time...

I make hand-stitched baby blankets for all my
friends who are pregnant. But it's a well-kept

The dancing diva

After coming to India I have started doing dance
stage shows. I spend a lot of time learning
Bollywood dance.
I don't work in the US anymore and spend most
of my time in Mumbai now.

Real estate of mind 

I recently bought a house in Los Angeles. Soon I
will be buying a house in Mumbai but I don’t
know where, I have not shortlisted any place

Curious reader

I love reading and don’t like to party.
I like to read all sorts of stuff. I am currently
reading Vlad the Impaler: In Search of the Real
Dracula by M J Trow, which is not something
most people would read.

I always make the wrong decision when it
comes to food as I love all kinds of oily and junk

Favourite fruit

My favourite fruit is Kiwi. I love them.
I know that is not an interesting fact but that is
something nobody knows about me. My
husband loves bananas.

A good cook and a friend

My husband loves cooking; he cooks everything
that can be made on a grill or microwave.
He also happens to be my best friend.

Dork appeal

I look very dorky usually so I don’t allow my
make-up artist to click my pictures. I need to stay
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