VW unveils the Taigun concept and Polo R WRC at the Expo

- 2:41 AM
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We are really looking forward to this. And we're bloody serious about it. The VW Taigun. It's just the perfect size for use, has great ground clearance and ticks most boxes just right.

Like the Ford EcoSport, this one too has a tiny 1-litre turbo petrol unit doing duty and it churns out a good 108 horses and 175Nm of spin. VW says it's evaluating the feasibility of the Taigun in India in the near future. And if they're wise, they'll roll it out of the plant soon enough.

Also showcased at the VW pavilion is the WRC version of the Polo. That one too has a turbo-petrol unit powering it, but this one is a 1.6-litre block making, ladies and gents, a whopping 300bhp. This Polo is highly modified to take in torque on the rally circuit, not to mention it's been stripped of things that add unnecessary weight to the car.

It's quite a low-key affair for VW this time, but if they bring out the Taigun, they'll have a smashing year ahead.

So, do you fancy the Taigun, or would you rather stick to the EcoSport? Tell us in your comments below.
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