5 More Buttons You Wish Facebook Had

- 10:55 PM
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Another great thing about Facebook is the ‘Like button’, It acts as an expression because without typing or saying anything we are communicating. But, this is only one kind of expression but users want more.
So, here are a few more buttons (expressions) we wish Facebook had,
1.  So What? Button
When you find anyone posting unnecessarily and flooding your news-feed with their updates only, you can use this button to express your anger without saying or typing a word. And it won’t be just you, it would be you and 82 others ‘so what?’ this post.

So what button for Facebook

2.  Dislike button for Facebook
On a serious note, when something bad happens and people post about it on Facebook, it becomes awkward to like that post. So, for those times we need a dislike button. Also, sometimes not liking a bad post is not enough, we need to express that we don’t like it, for those times too, we need a dislike button.
Dislike button for Facebook
3. FacePalm Button
Some posts are too bad to say anything and for those times, we need a FacePalm button.
FacePalm button for Facebook
4. Kick Button
A kick button is nothing but a poke which is little too hard.
Kick button for Facebook
 5.  Go back to Old Facebook Button
I don’t know how many of you would want to use the Facebook of 2004 but I really do. A button that will take us to old Facebook for a while would be just awesome.
Here’s a snapshot of how Facebook looked like in early days:
Go back to old Facebook button
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