7 Tech Trends To Look Forward To At CES 2014

- 3:49 AM
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CES is one of the most awaited and widely followed technology events around the globe. Every year, tech majors and minors from different fields of technology propose their best creations to the consumers at CES. This year, the event kickstarts on 7th January in Las Vegas and has been slated to get hotter. Here is a list of the technologies that will be the top trends at CES this year.

1. Eyewear Technology

© google
Ever since Google came out with the sci-fi Google Glass last year, a lot of other tech organizations have been trying to bank on the concept of computing eyewear. Apart from the frontrunner- Google Glass, gadgets like Recon Jet, Epiphany Eyewear, GlassUp, Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses and Telepathy One propose an affordable alternative to the Google Glass. The hype around computing eyewear has been surging more than ever and would be one definite buzz word at CES 2014 

2. Smart Watches

© samsung
Next to computing eyewear, another technology that would be taking the road to centre stage at CES 2014 will be Smart Watches. All thanks to Samsung, this wrist wear technology is slowly making its way on to the list of must have gadgets. And why not! This technology has redefined the way we use our smartphones. Be it answering calls or clicking photos, with a smart watch you can do it all without even touching your phone.

3. Curved Screens

© youtube
Seeing curved screens on a phone will be as fascinating as it is to hear about it. Ever since Samsung Galaxy Round’s launch last year in South Korea, speculations are rife that the next iPhone might sport a curved screen as well. While the benefits of having a curved screen are yet unknown, this innovation will surely be one of the most talked about at CES. 

4. Transparent Gadgets

Samsung has, for long, been demonstrating the concept of transparent tablets.Very recently, Grippity - a semi-transparent tablet promised its consumer launch later this year. This straight out of a sci-fi movie technology is sprouting faster than it was predicted and will be doing the rounds of CES 2014 as well.

5. Internet Of Things

© google
To simply put it – “Internet of Things” or “Internet of Everything” means the increasing connectivity between the real world objects and the internet. Apple has already created the iBeacon while Samsung has been working on its “open ecosystem for connected objects called SAMI (Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions) which might go on display at CES 2014. 

6. Ultra High-Definition Display

© samsung
Since the majority of displays available in the market are not equipped with UHD yet, television tech majors will be introducing 4K resolution displays this year at CES. Taking the lead will be Samsung and Sony, who will be displaying their respective first ever UHD televisions.

7. Driverless Cars

© google
Thanks to Google for pioneering advancements in the field of driverless cars, a whole area has been allotted solely to this technology at CES 2014. Participants in this category will be the likes of BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Audi and etc displaying autonomous concept vehicles. 
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